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The Crookes Forum

The Crookes Forum is a voluntary community group of people who live or work in the Crookes area of Sheffield.

Our aim is to bring together the local community, and its representative groups, to support and promote community activity and democratic engagement.

We have no paid staff. We have a committee of 4 volunteer Officers.

We are quite flexible about encouraging anyone to get involved in whatever way they can. This encourages networking amongst existing groups and supports people who cannot attend meetings.

We hold monthly meetings to take projects forward. We have strong links with the University of Sheffield as Crookes has a large proportion of resident students.

Our activities are open to anyone who associates themselves with Crookes.

We will share local community activities, events and groups roughly in the Crookes, Crosspool, Walkley and Broomhill area but won’t share commercial adverts. We will share City Council consultations and information if it affects our local area.

Find us on:

Facebook: Crookes Forum

Twitter: @crookesforum

Please contact us for further information on how to get involved.