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Crookes Ward sits in the South West Locality Area of Sheffield City Council.


Leaders at Sheffield City Council have announced the latest round of ‘Question Time’ style sessions over the coming months to discuss issues that matter to people in their local areas.

This is now the fifth year of the ‘Cabinet in the Community’ programme – giving more people the opportunity to come and ask questions and get involved in the debate about Council issues across the city.  The South West Cabinet In The Community meeting will take place on Wednesday 11th November 2015 at 6.30pm, St Luke’s Church, Blackbrook Road, Lodge Moor, Sheffield S10 4LQ.

This year the focus of the meetings will be asking local people for their views on how they engage with the council.  The meetings will include the usual opportunity to put any question of concern to the relevant Cabinet Member.

The items for discussion will be drawn up by local people and put to the Cabinet in the hour and a half session.

Residents will be able to submit written questions in advance of each meeting by emailing  with a deadline of five working days before the meeting.  Where possible questions will be grouped together, so that a more focussed discussion can take place

Click on the image below to enlare the text or visit

South West Local Area Partnership


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