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HISTORY ROAD SHOW at St Thomas Church on the morning of

Wednesday 4th November.

Approximately, 60 enthusiastic local residents attended this History Road Show, which included slide shows and stories of the Crookes shops in previous times, given by Margaret Palmer and Jane Armitage. This sparked the memories of long time residents and the curiosity of new residents and visitors.   Stories of Leapers, the chemist and the Chinese laundry were of particular interest.

Anne Marples (dressed in Victorian costume) gave a fascinating talk about shopping in Crookes in Victorian times, highlighting the fact that Crookes was well known for its rich growing soil.

Many members of the audience stayed behind to chat and reminisce.

WATCH OUT now for the Street Museum for 2 weeks from Saturday 14th November when 10 shops in Crookes and the community noticeboard by the pelican crossing, will have displays in the form of posters and artefacts to demonstrate their history.

The History of Crookes shops has been funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and has been coordinated by Bill Bevan, Heritage Interpreter and Susan Smith, Chair of the Crookes Forum, supported by a small group of enthusiastic and hard-working residents.


One thought on “Crookes History Road Show

  1. Enjoyed the history of crookes talk at St.Thomas church.
    A great way to get the community together and share stories of the past.
    Thanks crookes forum for all the hard work you put into an informative presentation.
    I recently found out that I am related to Austin Winterbottom,born 1860-1919,a local well known Sheffield artist of the time,his grandfather Joseph Winterbottom was from crookesmoor,I am yet to find out where Austin lived,but I guess he lived around here as one of the many scenes he painted was ‘The village street crookes’in 1901(oil on canvas),owned by Sheffield museum,A picture of this can be found on the Internet.I am going to try and find out more about him,if anyone has any information about him I’d be interested.
    Cheers Louise.

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