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Victorian History Talks in Crookes

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Victorian history talks

revealing fascinating glimpses of social history

in Crookes in the 1870s – 1880s

given by Mrs Constance Hallwright ‘The Bustle Lady’

  1. Sanitation: toilets, sewers and washing – how did Crookes manage before mains water?             Sunday 8th October
  2. The Wonders of gas: wonderful gas appliances, and where Crookes’ gas came from             Sunday 15th October
  3. Building a house in Crookes: looking at where construction materials came from, before the advent of builders’ merchants                         Sunday 22nd October
  4. Cooking in the Victorian kitchen: some of the awesome challenges of getting dinner on the table, and where the folks of Crookes shopped for kitchen gadgets  Sunday 29th October
  5. What the Victorians ate: food was very different in those days

Sunday 5th November

  1. The decline of farming in Crookes: the social and economic reasons why farming gave way to housing

Sunday 12th November

All talks take place at the Hallamshire Proprietary Bowling Club, on the corner of Hands Road and Townend Street, commencing at 3.00pm, lasting for approximately one hour.

Admission £5 per session, to include refreshments*

Pre-booked tickets available from SAFAR Charity Shop, Crookes

(*Tea, coffee, fruit juice or ½ pint beer or similar)

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