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Crookes Ward Election 2015

Labour’s Geoff Smith holds Crookes seat in 2015 local election

Sandygate polling stationSandygate polling station

Labour’s Geoff Smith has been reelected as a councillor for Crookes in the 2015 local elections.

The results were as follows:

  • Geoff Smith, Labour Party: 3,818
  • Harry Matthews, Liberal Democrats: 2,965
  • Julian Briggs, Green Party: 1,868
  • Will Lockwood, The Conservative Party: 1,348
  • Andrew Pemberton, UK Independence Party (UKIP): 847
  • Nick Hall, Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition: 121

There were a total of 15,398 votes with a turnout of 72.3%.

Thanks to Crosspool News for info.